Thursday, 28 July 2016

Whitehorse #5 of 5

Around the corner from Doug's. Different to say the least. An artist that likes bicycles?

He even has a chair & table inside it to sit and enjoy his wheels.

Our last outing from Whitehorse was to Haines Junction, a couple hours from Whitehorse on the Alaska Highway.

We slowly closed in on the mountains of Kluane Park. Haines Junction is on the edge of the park.

A diversion on the way. Champagne is just a few miles off the highway.

From the past. There were a few more poles ready for more hubcaps.

Do you recognize any from a car you used to have?

On a hillside in Champagne. A fair size as cabins go.

A chance meeting at a rest area. Two young couples were traveling from Argentina to Alaska. They left Buenos Aires almost 2 years ago, had visited 15 countries and put over 50,000 km on their VW vans.

As we approached to talk to them we heard some beautiful, soft music. I thought it was a radio or CD but it was this guy playing his keyboard that he brought along.
They were selling postcards to make a little gas money. I thought the sayings on them were well chosen ones.

We bought some cards and said our goodbyes.

Haines Junction is small, and there isn't much there, but it has a beautiful backdrop.

In Haines. Things didn't work out for someone.

My photo doesn't do it justice but this was a huge field of yellow near Haines.

There were a few showers over the week so our rental quickly took on a traveled look.

He got me. I kept seeing this guy around town checking the parking meters. I thought I put enough in the meter downtown but I didn't.

More childhood memories. My brother-in-law drank Pilsner. I remember studying the label with all its detail.  As a kid, I thought the crows on the fence posts were pretty cool.

I was sitting on a bench while Jane shopped. This guy stopped and started chatting with me. He had lots of stories for me. When Jane came out, we heard a few more. He spent years in the bush he said. He's 84. A pretty cool dude I thought.

A pretty accurate exposure of the light... a bit before midnight. 
In Whitehorse. I noticed the 'Open 20 Hours' on the sign. Hardly worth closing.

Jane snapped this on the flight to Vancouver. A pretty sight.

Jane said she probably would have chosen some other shots than I did of hers in post # 3. Maybe she'll pick some others out. If she does, I'll post them.

So ends my tale of the Yukon. It's a very special place. We had a wonderful time.

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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Whitehorse # 4

Carcross is about an hour from Whitehorse—no one talks miles or kilometers up north... it's always times.

Remember Emerald Lake from Jane's shots in # 3? The circle of emerald slowly closed as we were mesmerized by the color.

I love deserts. Not sure why, but I do. Carcross Desert is promoted as the smallest desert in the world. Is it? Who knows? But it's only about a square mile.

It's conveniently located right next to the highway.

My love for deserts might be connected to being raised on the prairies, but I don't know if that makes sense or not.

Just north of the desert.

Carcross itself is very small, a village I guess. If the walls could talk...

No pedestrians on the bridge the sign says. But they're kids.

And they're having a ball as kids do.

Trying for the northern 'look' or just being northern?

Giant rhubarb. With lots of sunshine and 19 hour days, not surprising.

More of a beach in Carcross than I would expect.

The post office.

A jeep safari from the cruise ships in Skagway, Alaska. Memories of one I took in Cuba.

In Carcross. Competition for John Deere. Clever people are everywhere.

Outside the general store... how I felt at the end of the day.

Might be the coolest plates in Canada. What do you think?

If you're not bored yet, I'll have one more post from our trip.

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