Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Some Nature, some Military
July 2014

While in St. Catharines, we went to a nature area south of town--St. John's CA. There's a small pond there, circled by a walking path. You can always count on seeing some geese, turtles and dragonflies this time of year.

Hanging in the water... dead man's float Jane thought.

I love its color.

Sharing a log.

Tulip trees are common in the area.

A couple young girls were trying to catch frogs or fish for their aquarium. We steered them clear of this one. I think they left empty-handed.

Lake Ontario -- The clouds and whitecaps complement each other.

Thousands of waves crashing & washing over this log wore it down and created the pattern on it.

The local regiment had a 'Tank Day Roll-Past' of vehicles last Saturday. Not many people were there for it. One thing that caught my attention was that there were a couple of women seriously involved. That's pretty rare.

Way to go girls!

Last year the roll-past was on a paved road. This year they decided to kick up some dust on a dirt track.

Some Daisies from the garden that Jane set up on the BBQ table. Jane wondered if I wanted her to arrange them better, but I like the disheveled look. 'Too pretty' can look boring to me... sometimes at least.

We're half way thru July already. Zoom, zoom.

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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Out & About
July 2014

In a local park... 

In a while, the chairs will be covered with the vine that they plant at their base.

At Darlington Provincial Park... kids love to chase the seagulls.

Flowers (Bindweed) on a sandy beach add a nice touch of color.

I'm looking forward to seeing more Monarch butterflies as the days go by. I often check Milkweed for eggs or a caterpillar but I seldom see any. Still early now though. 


The colors of the lake change dramatically with the light... from the light browns of the shallows to the royal blue of the deep water. The turquoise between the two looks like what you'd see in the Caribbean.

Sculpting by months, or maybe years of waves, has molded this stump and brought out its inner colors.

An eye-catcher... some Silverweed surrounded by 'seed-fluff' from beach willows. From a distance it looks like snow.

I've wanted to check out the Crown Lands near Orono for a while. Different nature areas usually offer something new. Can't say I saw much new but at least I satisfied my curiosity. Then again, I only covered a very small part of it so there's still lots to explore.

July brings Black-eyed Susans and lots of butterflies, especially the small Skippers & Pearl Crescents (this one). 

I met a guy who was out with his dog. When he saw my camera, he suggested I go to see this old railway bridge--about a mile walk. Not very exciting, but historically interesting it turns out. It's from the Canadian Northern Railway days (1910). 
A link for train buffs: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_Northern_Railway

This was new. I don't come across many orange wildflowers. It's Butterfly Weed--thanks, Doug & Gerry.


Purple-flowering Raspberry... thanks Doug.

At the right angle, daisies look like they're floating.

A land snail of some sort. The spiral of their shells fascinates me.

Look closely at lichens and some of them have small cups.

Red Admiral

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Friday, 27 June 2014

Out & About
June 2014

A few shots from the St. Catharines area...

Enjoying the view. The water color could be better though.

Yah... that's better.

On a sailboat in Port Dalhousie harbour. Does a dog really need a life jacket?

Lots of Mallards & geese in the harbour too. The male Mallards are moulting. They can't fly for a few weeks and they lose their brilliant plumage while they moult. This one has barely started or he's almost finished the moult.

This one on the other hand, is clearly moulting now.

This shot was taken with a point & shoot in late day light so it's grainy. It's the Toronto skyline from St. Catharines (about 30 miles/50 km). I don't remember seeing the band of pollution before. Usually it's very clear.

I was over at Darlington Provincial Park the other day. It's only a 15 minute drive so I drop by fairly often. There were more geese on the beach than people. This family was typical... father goose standing guard while the family relaxed. The kids are getting big.

This young couple strolled for half a mile along the beach while I was there. With only half a dozen of us there that day, we all had lots of room to wander.

In our garden:
After a rain these hostas really stood out, their bright green contrasted against the rhubarb leaf, etc.

Not a lot of color in the garden right now, but where there is, it's gorgeous.

Hostas come in so many shades that they add color in their own way. The garden is going full-bore now. Everything is thriving.

Jane added some urns full of blooms around the patio for color. It's a great time of year to sit out reading a book. No mosquitoes yet and though we're having some high humidity the last few days, it's beautiful in the mornings and later in the day.

We're only a few days into official summer. Will it be a scorcher or something more tolerable this year?

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