Sunday, 21 October 2018

Algonquin Park - 2016 & 2018
Through Jane's Eyes

I've been meaning to do this for a long time... share some of Jane's pictures. So this post is just of Jane's captures.

We often find different subjects as we roam with our cameras. Jane often captures things I miss or that I wouldn't have thought of. When we do shoot the same subject, Jane's results are often better than mine. She has a good eye. The following are from this year.

Where we stayed... Spring Lake Resort, 15 minutes from the park.

Jane said I was in 'relaxation mode'. I was. My bald head dominates too much of the image. :)

Oxtongue Rapids

I love this one... at Oxtongue Rapids too.

At Peek-a-Boo Rock at the Dorset Tower.

View from Peek-a-Boo Rock.

Some of the more ambitious visitors walk up to the tower... a very pretty walk.

At Ragged Falls.

Ragged Falls without yours truly blocking the view. 

Some of the trails are root-bound in spots. You have to look down more than up as you walk.

Canoeists on Canoe Lake.

In a playful mood. I moved this rock a little further into the woods. It was in the way. 

Does everyone from the south stop at Robinsons General Store on the way home... maybe on the way up? We always do. We never come out empty-handed either.

Jane found this tour boat docked across from Robinsons.

The rest of the images are Jane's from our previous visit in 2016. We stayed at the lake but the colours we caught weren't nearly as good as this year.

Jane is able to get some road shots as we drive along Highway 60 through the park. The windshield is clean but not perfect.

Diving into the dip.

Reflections at Oxtongue Rapids.

The red maple above the river makes this look like lava to me. 

A collapsed inukshuk? 

Algonquin attracts lots of artists. This one took a short break from her work as we chatted with her at Tea Lake Dam, for those who know the area.

A pretty nice looking pine, considering that it's a fake. Bell Telephone has disguised their cell-phone antennas in it. You can see them at the top if you look carefully... you may need to enlarge the image.

The first time we spotted it at Whisky Rapids Trail, we noticed the bottom of it... otherwise we probably would have missed it.

A pretty spot near Oxtongue Rapids.

A shot we both seem to take on every visit to Canoe Lake.

Are their days numbered? This one is just in the woods at the Canoe Lake parking lot. It was still there this year.

We were alone on this lake with this pair of Mallards. After they ate some of the corn we gave them, they were thirsty.

View from the deck at the visitor's center, looking east. The only real color there is just in front of the deck.

At the old airfield. Bear country, though we've never seen one there yet. They come for the blueberries, the reddish shrubs in the background.

I don't remember seeing this one but Jane captured it for me. 'Trumpet Fungus'... my name for it.

Heading back to our hotel in 2016.

I'll post more of Jane's in the future maybe. It took me long enough to do this set. :)

The photographer gave me permission to publish these before she checked them out. :)


Sunday, 14 October 2018

Algonquin Park
October 8th - 11th

We were in Algonquin for our almost annual visit... the 15th time or so for us. We visited our usual spots but we always try to find one or two places we haven't seen before.

The weather forecast was for lots of rain but we lucked out. It rained on the way up but only at night while we were there.

We stayed at Spring Lake Resort in Dwight... close to the park. It's a small lake... some would call it a large pond, but it's a beautiful spot. 

This girl wasn't doing yoga. I caught her taking a picture.

A cute combination of Thanksgiving themes I thought.

Typical of the views along the main highway through the park. 

I can't resist mushrooms/fungi.

We missed the peak of red maples but the oranges and golds were ablaze. 

Lichens are indicative of pollution free, clean air. Lichens are common in Algonquin.

I tend to favor golden fungi.

A moss-covered stump. The moss is brilliant green.

Life from decay. The stump must be providing some of the nutrients the tree needs.

We've seen a pair of Mergansers at the Tea Lake Dam several times. His haircut is flat since he kept diving for snacks. We enjoyed watching the pair as we had some egg sandwiches... and some ham & cheese too. They taste so much better sitting at a picnic table by a river. :)

Appropriately, there are always visitors canoeing on Canoe Lake.  

When I first spotted this, I thought how ugly, time to remove it. Then I realized it's someone portaging a canoe. 

We always take the side road to Oxtongue Rapids, a favourite spot for photographers & artists. The road is less than 300 yards from the Inn.

A young girl took a couple shots, then sat down to enjoy the rapids.

A view we've enjoyed every year we've visited Algonquin. It's gorgeous. It's at the Fire Tower at Dorset... about 20 minutes south of the park. These are taken from Peek-a-Boo Rock lookout. 

Jane offered to take a picture of this young couple and their dog, with their phone. It turned into an 'event'... so I recorded the event while I waited. :)

This is Peek-a-Boo Rock lookout at the tower.

Not many red maples so I included a red jeep. The trees overpower it though.

The actual tower. We don't climb it any more. :) We settle for Peek-a-Boo Rock.

Canoe at the Art Center in the park. Kids added their art to it. Jane has more patience than me. She described what was on the canoe as I stood by, then I looked at a couple of the more interesting sounding works of art she described. 

You can't see it well unless you enlarge it, but the one that intrigued me was 'chipmunks skating'... bottom right corner of the canoe.
An artist's work on the side of our hotel restaurant... Canada Geese in Flight. It's driftwood.

I'm jumping around a bit. This is at Oxtongue Rapids, from the shelter there, for those of you familiar with the area.

I'm trying not to get carried away with posting too many mushrooms & fungi. I think I may have more shots of fungi this time, than I do of the trees in their glory. :)

There seems to be no end to weird gourds and pumpkins. This one is kinda gross.

Back to the Inn. 'Our' mini-lake. Free canoes and kayaks. We've stayed here twice now but still haven't used either. Maybe next time.

My favourite shot from the visit. At our lake. It was like a mirror at times, like here where it's reflecting the trees on the other side.

You might think we'd get tired of going to Algonquin. But we don't. We love every visit.  :)

Bob & Jane

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