Friday, 13 January 2017

Something Different
January 13th, 2017

Haven't been out much with the camera lately... one reason and 'tuther. But I'm so used to posting on my blog in a fairly regular fashion, that I thought I'd try this. It gets me 'thinking photography' at least.

I found a folder on my system titled 'Personal Favourites' and dug some shots out of it. Why are they my favourites? Good question. Some bring back fond memories, some make we wonder what people were thinking, some I can't explain.

This was the super-moon. Yeh, right. Super moon, Wolf moon, Harvest moon... they all look the same to me. Maybe this isn't a favourite... just one to comment on.

An abandoned home just south of Moose Jaw. The design is interesting and it was in good shape. If walls could talk.

One of my favourite shots of Jane. I doubt many would agree (including Jane) but I've always liked it. She was sitting by her Mum on a bench at Port Dalhousie, just outside of St. Catharines, a spot we often went to, when her Mum was alive.

"You're pulling the wrong tooth!" — Bowmanville Zoo... which has since closed.

In a roadside ditch in Morocco. What was he thinking as a busload of 'rich' tourists drove by?

Kids in Bolivia watching us tourists. This shot has always bothered me. The look on the older girl's face... even that on the younger ones. Envy, lack of understanding, hopelessness, sadness?

"Lola"... my name for her. She was in a shop window in Niagara-on-the-Lake. We often went to NOTL to pick up British jams, etc. for Jane's Mum. They changed the outfits on Lola regularly so I have several shots of her. She's a cutie don't you think!

The Dancer, in a square in Madrid. Her eyes are hypnotic.

Concentration... a couple kids in Paris, completely oblivious to me and the rest of the world around them.

A couple girls at the ROM (Toronto). What are they looking at? What are they thinking? We'll never know will we.

In the Atacama Desert in Chile. One of those places that make you feel like you're a million miles from anything you know.

Another of my favourites of Jane... on the English Channel. It's a bit of home for both of us. My Mum was from Southampton. Jane has a more recent history with Old England. Jane loves water. She always has fun with it. I enjoy water too, but I'm the boring one.

A couple at Oshawa harbour. What's their story? What was happening in their life this day? We can only wonder.

I do seem to get in a philosophical mood, or a nostalgic one, more often these days. Maybe that's why I posted this set. 

Take care,
Bob, Dad, etc. 

Sunday, 1 January 2017

2017 New Year's Day Drive

Over the years we've often gone on a New Year's Day drive. Today there was a brilliant blue sky, constant sun and a January chill in the air. It almost felt a bit odd having the camera in my hand. It's been a while for one reason or another.

This is a very ordinary shot but it does show 'typical' countryside for this time of year in our area.

Down the road a ways, I spotted this... more the type of shot photographers look for.

I looked at this scene and 'roly-poly' came to mind. Why such eloquent terms pop into my mind I have no idea. Am I reverting to childhood? Another sign of age? Probably.

Fly south guys. Get with it.

A Hollywood star traveling incognito I think.

The lake was a gorgeous blue but the wind was frigid.

I think this is the only Milkweed shot I've got this fall/winter so far. I love 'em.

The rest of these shots were taken over the last couple weeks from the warmth of our living room... a zoom lens is all you need. It's all I ever use now.

This hawk grabbed a Chickadee in our neighbor's yard... then brought it to our patio fence to display his prize.

Sad for the Chickadee of course, but I think hawks have a certain majesty. And they have to eat and feed their young ones. Many of us eat veal & lamb. What's the difference?

Juncos are one of my many favourites. They flit from bush to feeder to ground, flashing their white tail-feathers as they do.

We often clear this bird bath in winter and put bird seed on it... which is enjoyed endlessly by birds and squirrels alike.

Our 'garden boy' told me he wants to move to Florida. Wuss.

Mourning Doves... the 'cows' of the bird world to me. They sit for hours, winter or summer, soaking up the sunshine & contemplating life.

Puffing up works. They don't need to go south.

Squirrels probably eat more than half of the bird seed seed we put out. But that's ok with us. Just like the birds, they offer lots of free entertainment.

A portion of our Christmas tree.

The elf wants to move to Florida too. Bunch of wusses.

It was good to finally get out with the camera again today. Maybe I'll get back into it, who knows.

May 2017 be a good one for you and all of us. No one knows at this point but hope springs eternal.

Take care all,

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Two Sunday Drives
November 2016

One thing and another has meant we haven't been on many drives lately. We have the last couple Sundays though. We've always enjoyed country drives, but life has a way of getting in the way of them.

Our drives tend to be to quieter areas, so we usually don't have to share them with many others. Our busy lives don't lend to many of us to getting out in nature it seems.

This 'shoe tree' was on a back road east of us. It's location seemed a bit odd.

Tack up the flip-flops and hang the hammer in them.

Bond Head... a lakeshore stop on the way home.

This guy had a metal detector. Said he found an 1883 coin here a few weeks back. And a brass button from Edinburgh.

Gorgeous late day light. It sweeps over the scene so quickly.

The golden light only lasts a few minutes. Blink twice and you'll miss it.

Last Sunday we headed north to Port Perry. This is Lake Scugog.

Again, it's late day light. These ducks were starting to settle for the night.

Very peaceful. Jane was soaking up the view. 

Both Sunday drives were late day ones so we found a restaurant at the end of the day for a relaxing meal. We're hoping for more good weather, more drives, and more dinners out. :-)

-fini -

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Around Town in Autumn
October 2016

Valleyview Park in the centre of town.

The salmon were running. Always a sight to see, though they don't look good as they near their life's end. Mostly I just saw dark shadows swimming by. Plus a few dead ones that only made it this far.

This was before we had frost so there was still good color.

Interesting 'holey' rock, with growth in almost every nook.

Nature's treasure chest.

Rich orange lichen.

Someone did some gardening in this tree hollow. I wouldn't think park attendants would do this... but who knows.

I went to Oshawa airport to check for migrating hawks. Apparently it's a good spot sometimes. Not this day. So I shot this Sabre instead. 

I always loved the look of them. As a kid I made a model of one and hung it from the ceiling in my bedroom. I thought it was 'sooo cool'.

What's a blog post of mine without fungi? Especially this time of year.

They're Dryad's Saddle. They were along Oshawa Creek. Backgrounds can add a lot to an image.

"It's noisy out there. I think I'll just tuck my head under the pillow."

In a park just south of us.

There are lots of tree tunnels on the path this year. This one is just across the street from our place.

Autumn leaves in the backyard. I don't usually rake them... compost et al. And I like the look of them. Really. :-)

Clematis decorates with yellows & golds.

But it's the Virginia Creeper that steals the show. It has green, yellow, gold, orange, red & purple all at the same time. It stretches for about 50 ft along one side of our yard. It's gorgeous this time of year.

I'd love to see some colors from your yards and area.

- fini -

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