Monday, 27 November 2017


I met Teresita in El Salvador in 1999. I only spent about 15 minutes with her, but she was one of those people you meet who have a profound effect on you.

Some of you may have seen this image of her before. I've posted it in a few places. Her dress, the way she clasped her bananas and the few dollars she'd collected from them, melted my heart.

I've never posted this one. She was a tiny woman, but she had one of the biggest, sweetest smiles you'll ever see. With my limited Spanish I couldn't speak to her directly, but my guide, Irene, helped me. I did buy a banana. :-)

I wonder if she's passed away. To me, she's the kind of person who could live to a very old age.

A few more images of a very special woman...

She won't make any news reports. She may not affect many lives, but she sure affected mine. It's hard to define or explain. I'll never forget her. Maybe she's a reminder for me that we can all affect others in ways that we can't imagine.

I'm richer for sharing a few minutes of her life.


Tuesday, 7 November 2017

A Mix
November 6th, 2017

Tempis fugit. It's been a month since my last post. Returning from a visit to the hospital, we cut through Parkwood Estate, former home of multi-millionaire Colonel Sam. The grounds are relaxing and beautiful. From out of nowhere it seemed, this robot came at us... an Automatic Lawn Mower.  

A couple short videos of it in action...

With self-driving cars, AI, auto-this & auto-that, there are some huge changes on the horizon. Any attempt to predict what it will all mean is futile I think. The future is always different than our predictions.

Will the mowers be common in our neighborhoods soon? Probably. This model is about $3000 but you can get a cheaper version for around a $1000. Prices will drop quickly as they always do. We're only at the start of robots taking over jobs. It's a scary future for the young ones, especially those who don't have specialized skills.

RJ joined us at a farm market, as we looked for fall squash & vegetables. They have a kid's play area there.

Some of the squash we  picked up. We all thought the 'swan squash' was cool.

One day when I picked up RJ from school, he asked if I wanted to hear a tune he'd learned on the recorder.

RJ went out as the Grim Reaper for Halloween, complete with axe.

A scary trio.

No doubt the last tree tunnel shot I'll get this year. I can't resist them.

Our best,
Bob & Jane

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