Thursday, 20 February 2014

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February 20th, 2014

I went to the marsh for a quick visit to the bridge over Farewell Creek. I shoot the creek from the bridge through the seasons, and over the years.

Then, last week I was in Cobourg to teach a photography class to kids at the Y. I had time after the class to slip down to Cobourg harbour for a look-see. It was sunset.

Pipes reflecting sunset at the harbour. It's much better full-size... just click on it.

A couple of our backyard visitors. Most people seem to be less than fond of them but we enjoy them. They do try to eat us out of house & home (and they're pretty good at it too) but we get a kick out of them.

They're Eastern Greys. The black variant is common in the more northern climes.

We have about 10 or 12 blacks around but there's one brown (brownish-grey). We have one Red Squirrel too that we see now & then.

It's cute the way they hold their paws when they eat.

Or when they hold them in front of them as if they have one of those hand mufflers. Their bushy tails are as big as their body.

Rear-view of a Mourning Dove's markings.

They sure can puff themselves up on a cold day to improve their insulation. This one looks better full-size too. In fact they all do. :-)

RJ working on one of his toys. A design change of some sort.

A couple of weeks ago he told us he had a “toy machine”. I asked him, "What does it do?". "It makes invisible toys", he said. 

"What kind of invisible toys?" I asked. "Any kind", he said.

Apparently his new bed made the machine. I asked "How can we see the toys if they’re invisible?". He said, "I'm the only one that can see them". So there you go. 

I don't think I ever had an imagination like that.

This church is in our neighborhood. Another church downtown had the same sign--without being 'signed' by the janitors.

Another sight nearby. This huge snowman made the local paper. The paper said it was 13 ft tall--more like 9 I'd say, but very impressive nonetheless. It's the tallest one I've seen. You can't miss it when you drive by.

You'll get a better impression of its size if you enlarge the image.

I didn't see it the first day or so of its life. Maybe the head looked better before. Cool scarf.

In case you missed this one... it was circulating recently in emails. I love it!

Looks like the groundhog may have been right though. Poor guy.

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