Friday, 22 September 2017

From My Niece Aletha

Aletha and her husband are in Saskatchewan... not far from Moose Jaw. Mortlach to be exact. They raise cattle & bison. I think the bison are so cool. They have a good-sized herd.

In Aletha's own words:

“Yes, they are quite neat. Ours are fairly quiet, so it is nice to just sit and watch them. Ray's cattle (her brother) are even quieter and you can walk amongst them with less worry."

"Where our cattle are, we have bison there too, so you are cautious there too. We have one heifer that is quiet and a Holstein that was pail fed... so there are a couple you can pet." lol

Aletha's words again:

“We were raising them, then butchered them, but the price selling live is quite good. He (husband Bill) has been butchering very few. We haven't even been able to eat it because we can’t afford it." lol

Ray's cattle are Texas longhorns... another sight not very common on the prairies.

Aletha's words:

“These are some pics taken at Raymond's pasture. Two bulls & some of the calves, then the brindle cow, the one I like the best.”

Did you bring us something to eat, or just that stupid camera again?



I thought some of you might enjoy these. My next visit to Moose Jaw will definitely include a visit to Aletha & Bill's to see the bison. Then to Ray's pasture to see his longhorns.

Take care,
Bob & Jane

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