Wednesday, 25 May 2011

On the Path --- May 25th, 2011

Got out for my walk today and took the camera. There's a fairly large patch of what I'm pretty sure is Poison Ivy on the path . Can anyone confirm it one way or the other? The leaves, the berries-- it all seems to fit but I've never had anyone with me when I've come across it anywhere to confirm it for me. I've included a bunch of shots in the hope of getting a positive ID one way or the other.
Update: Doug Lockrey & Gerry Ernest both confirmed that it is indeed Poison Ivy.

Coltsfoot has been at the seed stage for a while now. Their large leaves that give them their name are now out and getting larger by the day. They're also being challenged by the Horsetail. 

A large patch of Horsetail.

 Gold is probably my favourite colour for mushrooms & fungi.

Pretty much everything in our garden has to compete with the Forget-Me-Nots this time of year but it all works out in the end.



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