Monday, 2 May 2011

Enniskillen CA & Trowbridge Park -- May 2nd, 2011

Some rainy days are good for working in the house but today I felt a bit penned in, so I went out to check for Red Trilliums at Enniskillen. There's a patch of a couple/few 100 there with a few more sprinkled through the woods. I don't think I've ever seen a white Trillium at Enniskillen.

The Fiddleheads are well on their way.

On the way back from Enniskillen I stopped at another spot I usually check for Trilliums-- Trowbridge Park in Oshawa. The Trilliums here are white but I did see one red one. There are 100s of Trilliums in the park, 100s of Mayapples, 1000s of Trout Lilies and a few Bloodroot. Even a few Blue Cohosh.

The Mayapple umbrellas are opening. There are a fair number of Trilliums blooming too. 

The Mayapples here almost look like a bunch of green crabs crawling through the forest. Or maybe tiny forest nymphs with their umbrellas. :-)


Though there are 1000s of Trout Lilies in the park, as usual only a small number are in 

One of the few Bloodroot I saw. I think it has an interesting leaf.

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