Saturday, 30 April 2011

McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve -- April 30th, 2011

I actually started at 2nd Marsh at the GM viewing tower. I went to see the Little Gull Viewing event put on by Friends of Second Marsh. I was a little late I guess so I didn't see much but I had a good chat with the birders that were there.

The Little Gulls enjoy breakfast in the marsh, feasting on the clouds of Midges that fill the air.

Wilkinsons Pond west of GM HQ

I headed over to McLaughlin Bay reserve-- the 2nd Marsh abuts it to the west and Darlington Provincial Park abuts it on the east.

I found another pair of "walking ducks" on the path at Dogwood Pond. They decided walking was just fine-- no need to fly. They just kept me at a distance. I was walking slowly so they were cool with that.

Tree Swallow in the reeds of Dogwood Pond.

This male Goldfinch (at Dogwood Pond) was enjoying the morning sun and singing his heart out. What a beautiful sound.

These underwater "volcanoes" were at Dogwood Pond too. The stubs of some water plant or reed from last year I expect. Bull Rushes maybe?

A Red-Wing Blackbird calling out for all to hear.

Still at Dogwood Pond, these Midland Painted Turtles are perennial residents there. I've seen as many as 7 at one time  here.

Purple Martin Apartments-- rooms available. Tree Swallows welcome.

Purple sand on Lake Ontario shoreline. Not sure I've seen any before. Algae?

Colorful stones on the Lake Ontario shoreline.

From the reserve, you can see these beautiful Willows across the bay on the shoreline of Darlington Provincial Park.

Buds are bursting everywhere.

So ends my blog for April. May-- the month where Spring explodes in this part of the world. I'll be venturing out to more conservation areas & nature areas in May to see what other surprises nature has in store for me this year.

- fini -


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