Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Heber Down Conservation Area -- May 4th, 2011

It was time to see what nature has been up to at Heber Down since we were there last.

Spring is marching on. A fair number of White Trilliums are in bloom along with a few red ones. Hepaticas on the other hand are nearing the end of their time.

Mayapples are about a foot high with the umbrellas partially open. Some Blue Cohosh is up to about 2 ft and is losing its purple hue, much of it being completely green now.

Trout Lilies are in great abundance with many of them blooming. There are lots of Fiddleheads-- some over 2 ft. Bellworts are quite plentiful and blooming. There are a few Wild Ginger plants in bloom as are the bizarre Dutchman's Breeches.

My favourite spring ephemeral is out-- the Spring Beauties.

And Wild Leeks! They're everywhere and going strong. The onion scent is powerful when you're amongst it. They do form a pretty good backdrop for some shots tho since everything else has to compete with it.


Trilliums: Whoever made the decision, they did make a good choice for our provincial flower. This one is shrouded in Blue Cohosh.

Sometimes I don't have the patience to bother about backgrounds. :-)


In groups like this Fiddleheads look like a family having a discussion of some sort.

Fresh ones with a frond from last year.

Trout Lilies...

Dutchman's Breeches. These things are weird. Some people say they look like breeches/pantaloons, others say they look like the Pope's hat.

Wild Ginger. Another oddball. The blossom almost touches the ground and looks like an afterthought to me. It looks primitive. Maybe it dates back to the dinosaurs.

The Hepaticas are trying to hold on.

And lastly, my favourite--  Spring Beauties. I think they live up to their name.

Despite our complaints about the wet spring, the wildflowers are loving it.



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