Thursday, 26 May 2011

2nd Marsh -- May 26th, 2011

I didn't feel like taking my walk on the path today, so... grab the camera and walk at the marsh instead. About 3 minutes from the car I saw another doe. She was about the same place I saw the last one but if this was her she was a lot shier today. I took this shot when I first saw her and a second later she took two jumps and was into the heavy bush out of sight.

Many of the Mayapples are blooming-- one blooming, one not.

There's only one blossom and it's under the umbrella in the "Y" so it's easy to miss on the shorter Mayapples but most of them are pretty tall now.

A new, fresh "Sawtooth" Fungus-- (my name, not the official one).
Update: Doug Lockrey and Gerry Ernest both ID'd this as Angel's Wings fungus-- I like the name.

 Interesting how our imaginations work. I imagined these snails were having a race around the worm tracks on this log. It seemed there was a pause in the action tho while I was watching.

I call these Wild Strawberries but that's a guess.
Update: Doug Lockrey confirmed these to be Wild Strawberries, aka Field Strawberries. 

Dwarf Yellow Ladyslipper. What a gorgeous sight seeing these in the woods. They look like something from the tropics to me. I saw about a dozen of them today. All of the ones I saw were pretty small specimens. A baby's big toe might fit in the "slipper" but that's about it.

This one is having a bad hair day.

The deer and the Ladyslippers made the day a special one.

The Friends of Second Marsh web site... 

A direct link to a map of the paths/trails in the marsh...

A link to a page that has my past posts re the marsh, in one place rather than scattered throughout this blog...
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