Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Back to Nature
October 2nd, 2017

Thanks to a buddy of mine, I finally returned to nature. Just walking through the trees in the woods, seeing chipmunks skitter about, hearing geese honk and ducks quack, and to see raccoons acting in their inquisitive and mischievous manner show up for human-provided treats... it all adds up to a welcome escape from the goings-on in the world. Las Vegas is on the news in the background.

I can understand why some choose to minimize their attention to the world news, in an attempt to try to enjoy life. It's an escape to be sure but one I understand completely. I do it too at times. We are so privileged. Those of us who have food every day, clean water, a roof over our heads, computers, etc. etc.

Sorry, but I can't help but ponder our privilege now & then. Life is so unfair to so many. Don't get me wrong. I'm no Albert Schweitzer. I enjoy my privilege as much as anyone, and I don't want to give it up, but I live with a certain degree of guilt. Maybe I should start a blog where I can rant about the world situation.

If I haven't taken you to a dark place, please escape with me, for a visit in nature...

We went to Lynde Shores CA... close to home. Despite living close to Toronto, with a population of a couple million, there are many natural areas we can enjoy. Ironically, many more than were near Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan where I grew up. Moose Jaw and area is beautiful in its own way. In many ways, much better than here. Mainly because of the smaller population. 

I'm babbling again. Do some of you just look at my pictures? If you do, that's cool too.

If you follow my blog, you've seen similar shots before. The cattails are crazy high now at Lynde Shores.

I love coons. There was a time when I'd put a shot like this in Photoshop to take out or minimize the blown out areas. Not today. Maybe next time, but I doubt it. Damn, they're cute.

It's been a hard day. These humans can be chintzy at times.

Reaching for the seeds from under the bridge. 

He provided some shots that were different from the usual... when you find them in the woods.

How can you not think their 'bandit masks' are cool? He thinks he's Zorro.

A crappy shot, but a Heron is always a welcome sight for me.

Anyone know what this is? I 'm curious but I haven't a clue. My best guess is that it's for a bird, but what kind?

I'm waiting for pictures from your end.

Take care, 



At 3 October 2017 at 23:28 , Blogger Jim Ellis said...

Thanks for your great pics and your reflection on life's journey. Although it is a dark time in some ways, there is still much more good than evil in our world!
I think the cylindrical nesting boxes are for Mallard ducks.

At 8 November 2017 at 01:05 , Blogger Jim Ellis said...

I think the boxes are for Mallard hens.


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