Saturday, 21 January 2017

More Personal Favourites
January 21st, 2017

Still haven't been out with the camera. Have been watching the world reaction to Trump. Where I was previously thinking he might turn out to be better than many thought, I now wonder what the hell is ahead for the world. I agree with you Gene... he's scary. Is he really at heart, an idiot? And it's only Day 2.

So to take a break from world news, and put my head back in the sand maybe, I'll post some pictures. :-)

This post is all shots from a Toronto outing. I love street photography. Henri-Cartier Bresson has always been an inspiration to me. I could only dream of coming up with something to compare to any of his memorable shots.

Many of these are what some call "a moment in time". That moment is gone, but it's been recorded. These are the type of shots that no one else could possibly have captured, unless they were there beside you at the time. Even then, the split second before or later that they took their shot, it would be different. 

These are all in B&W. Colour can distract. B&W lets you look at the overall scene without pulling your eyes to a shirt, dress, etc.

Street shopping.

I prefer shots of people who are not looking at the camera. When anyone looks at a camera, they put on a camera face. They may try to look natural but I don't think that's possible. You see a camera looking at you, your expression changes. It has to.

The dog... whose is it?... the conversation at the table. We share their lives for an instant.

She saw me with the camera. No camera-face here.

Two guys, two newspapers. No doubt reading two different articles.

Waiting for the bus. One inside the shelter, three out. One on a cell phone?

Got the coffee. Get the little one ready and we're off.

I caught them in step... just luck. Though I was in the ROM Museum at the time, I was looking for street shots. I guess she wasn't in the mood for coffee.

Another taken from inside the ROM. They're pretty much in step too. Again, just luck.

He looks tired. Time for a break. Just outside the ROM.

Another just outside the ROM. Dogs can add to a shot.

Outside the ROM. Though we were visiting the ROM, I took very few shots inside it.

Studying or just reading?

Her stride caught my eye. She wasn't just strolling by.

"Should We Go In?" I wonder if they did.

This has always been a special favourite of mine. Four people, four lives sharing a space for an instant. Hard to say why some images have special appeal to me. It varies with us all so I won't try to explain why it's special to me. 

In fact, it may be boring as hell to some. Some people just like pictures of kids, family, pets and flowers. Different folks, different strokes.

The last time I was here (Toronto) it was plastered with advertising. I don't think you'll be able to get a shot like this anymore.

This was in the Science Centre in Toronto. I'm guessing she was trying to figure out where to go next, or maybe how to get out of the place.

Pulling out favourites let's me relive some times from the past. Not venturing out the camera as much as I used to means I'll be doing more of this I guess. I hope some of the shots may bring back memories for some of you as well.

Memories are in large part what photography is all about, isn't it?

Take care,


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