Friday, 13 January 2017

Something Different
January 13th, 2017

Haven't been out much with the camera lately... one reason and 'tuther. But I'm so used to posting on my blog in a fairly regular fashion, that I thought I'd try this. It gets me 'thinking photography' at least.

I found a folder on my system titled 'Personal Favourites' and dug some shots out of it. Why are they my favourites? Good question. Some bring back fond memories, some make we wonder what people were thinking, some I can't explain.

This was the super-moon. Yeh, right. Super moon, Wolf moon, Harvest moon... they all look the same to me. Maybe this isn't a favourite... just one to comment on.

An abandoned home just south of Moose Jaw. The design is interesting and it was in good shape. If walls could talk.

One of my favourite shots of Jane. I doubt many would agree (including Jane) but I've always liked it. She was sitting by her Mum on a bench at Port Dalhousie, just outside of St. Catharines, a spot we often went to, when her Mum was alive.

"You're pulling the wrong tooth!" — Bowmanville Zoo... which has since closed.

In a roadside ditch in Morocco. What was he thinking as a busload of 'rich' tourists drove by?

Kids in Bolivia watching us tourists. This shot has always bothered me. The look on the older girl's face... even that on the younger ones. Envy, lack of understanding, hopelessness, sadness?

"Lola"... my name for her. She was in a shop window in Niagara-on-the-Lake. We often went to NOTL to pick up British jams, etc. for Jane's Mum. They changed the outfits on Lola regularly so I have several shots of her. She's a cutie don't you think!

The Dancer, in a square in Madrid. Her eyes are hypnotic.

Concentration... a couple kids in Paris, completely oblivious to me and the rest of the world around them.

A couple girls at the ROM (Toronto). What are they looking at? What are they thinking? We'll never know will we.

In the Atacama Desert in Chile. One of those places that make you feel like you're a million miles from anything you know.

Another of my favourites of Jane... on the English Channel. It's a bit of home for both of us. My Mum was from Southampton. Jane has a more recent history with Old England. Jane loves water. She always has fun with it. I enjoy water too, but I'm the boring one.

A couple at Oshawa harbour. What's their story? What was happening in their life this day? We can only wonder.

I do seem to get in a philosophical mood, or a nostalgic one, more often these days. Maybe that's why I posted this set. 

Take care,
Bob, Dad, etc. 


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