Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Algonquin Park – # 2 of 2

Time to finish up Algonquin for anyone interested.

This is a recent image from Facebook showing the line-up for park passes on the long weekend. It's why we always go before or after the rush... now that we can. It can be a zoo, but many don't have a choice as to when they can go.

We always stop at Canoe Lake (where Tom Thomson died) for a coffee or hot chocolate. Always lots of people but a pretty spot.

Some years there's hardly a canoe available but it was chilly the day we were there.

The quiet bay at Canoe Lake.

A contrived reminder that there are sometimes bears in the area.

In the 'woods' at the parking lot... in case your cell phone battery is dead or for the few folks that still don't have cell phones. I wonder how much longer we'll even see these.

What can I say?  I'm a fungi nut. The variety, the colors, the textures, the settings they're in. I love 'em.

East Beach in the park.

We had it all to ourselves. So peaceful.

Then a pair of ducks (American Blacks I think) came gum-booting over to Jane, looking for a handout. Obviously others had been kind to them. They showed no fear whatsoever. I keep some corn in the trunk so Jane grabbed some. They were in heaven. Made their foraging for the day much easier. Quiet, simple, personal experiences like this, are for me, unforgettable.

We'll be seeing more & more of these. They were in a grocery store parking lot in Huntsville.

A favourite spot of Jane's. It says 'Algonquin' to her.

I was only mildly surprised to see this in a park 'Johnny-on-the Spot'. But surprised none-the-less.

There's always an art exhibit at the Visitor's Centre.

... with appropriate paintings.

Give pastries an odd name and they'll sell like hotcakes... maybe.
A blueberry patch at the old airfield. The sign says bears can hang out here for days or even weeks. It's that extensive.

Trying to draw the Chickadees. No luck today.


A real odd ball.

Jane shot this one. At one point she said, "Why am I shooting mushrooms?" :-)

After shooting mushrooms through the day, Jane spotted these outside the back-door of the restaurant.

I just shot this one for the contrasting colors... behind the motel.

Arrowhead plants on the lake at the motel. A large pond might be a more accurate description, but I guess lakes can be small. What's the dividing line for the two?

We sat outside on the lake one night. Perfectly clear skies, 1000s of stars. Beautiful. Being an astronomy nut made it even better.

All good things must come to an end. Time to leave for the south.

Another regular stop, outside the park, on the way home... Dorset Fire Tower

And for those who know the area, you probably know of Robinson's too. We always stop there... and we always buy something. This time I picked up a pair of moccasins. Jane found a few things too. :-)

Brechin is a small town on the way home. They have a tradition now of putting out bicycles with flowers on them for the summer. They add stuffed characters at some point.

I think this guy is cool.

Even I think this guy looks a bit like me... but only a bit. :-)  I think it's the glasses & hat. 

I'll end with two (two of many of my favourite things) to photograph.

It's their poses. They have way more than squirrels do.

And please forgive me  ;-) ... another fungus... Witch's Butter. Cool color. Cool name.

It's not just for the colors that we go to Algonquin. It's for the feelings that it evokes too. Certain nature areas have a strong hold on me. Algonquin is definitely one of them.

- fini -


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