Saturday, 12 November 2016

Two Sunday Drives
November 2016

One thing and another has meant we haven't been on many drives lately. We have the last couple Sundays though. We've always enjoyed country drives, but life has a way of getting in the way of them.

Our drives tend to be to quieter areas, so we usually don't have to share them with many others. Our busy lives don't lend to many of us to getting out in nature it seems.

This 'shoe tree' was on a back road east of us. It's location seemed a bit odd.

Tack up the flip-flops and hang the hammer in them.

Bond Head... a lakeshore stop on the way home.

This guy had a metal detector. Said he found an 1883 coin here a few weeks back. And a brass button from Edinburgh.

Gorgeous late day light. It sweeps over the scene so quickly.

The golden light only lasts a few minutes. Blink twice and you'll miss it.

Last Sunday we headed north to Port Perry. This is Lake Scugog.

Again, it's late day light. These ducks were starting to settle for the night.

Very peaceful. Jane was soaking up the view. 

Both Sunday drives were late day ones so we found a restaurant at the end of the day for a relaxing meal. We're hoping for more good weather, more drives, and more dinners out. :-)

-fini -


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