Sunday, 26 February 2017

More from the Past
February 25th, 2017

When the mood strikes me I go to my blog. Winter doldrums? Nostalgia? Whatever. And since my feet aren't cooperating with me these days I'm not getting out & about much. So I dug up some more memories from the 1000s on my hard drive.

My photography in the past included architecture, still life, you name it, but of late I'm more interested in people-shots & nature. For those of you who follow my blog you've seen lots of nature but I'm more into people these days, so that's what this post is.

Relaxing at the lake.

Teresita, in El Salvador. She was selling bananas. As sweet a person as you could meet.


Lakeside stroll... Oshawa.


Colors on a Cuban beach.

In a Bolivian market. Other countries have such colorful & distinctive clothes compared to our boring, fashionable ones.

If I had to choose a top favourite shot of mine, this one might be it. The expressions of both the mother & child speak to me. Their dress is so typical of Bolivia. I expect the mother is younger than she looks, and the child's expression is a child's expression of wonderment... "Who is this guy, Mama?"

Do you prefer it in B&W? I prefer the color in this case.

Woman along the Nile. Not sure what makes the sand look the way it does.

We're all proud of our children. This mother sure is. Such a warm smile. Baby doesn't seem to be into the shot. Datoga tribe Africa.

Smiles all round. You don't need big houses and gizmos to be happy people.


Some of my companions on an African safari. We went cheap. Had to take turns washing dishes, peeling potatoes, whatever. Set up our own tents every night. But we had lots of wonderful experiences.

Friendly pigeons. No poop. I don't post many shots of myself but I get a kick out this one that Jane took. One of the pigeons wanted to try the camera.

The other side of a safari. The driver and this Masai were following the World Cup (soccer) on the truck radio.


One of my favs of my daughter, Leanne. Caught her off-guard so no smile, but I still like it... somewhere in Italy.


Another of Leanne in Pompeii, soaking up the sun. She just stopped and enjoyed the sun on her face... long enough for me to grab a shot.


Each of us has our own memories. As wise ones keep telling us, memories are a big part of what life is all about. For better or worse, we all get more into memories as we age.

I can't resist adding a final thought. My sore feet, etc. made me recall this thought from Dylan Thomas. I looked it up today.

We all get the emails about old age and how wonderful it is that 'we made it to old age'. True, but I'm with Dylan Thomas... I prefer bitching and raging against the 'go gentle into the night' theme. It all depends on what age you are of course... and maybe how many aches & pains you have. :-)

Take care,


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