Monday, 6 February 2017

More of my favourites
February 6th, 2017

Still no recent images to offer you.

More personal favourites. Jane & the pigeons.

At Cobourg, Ontario

In Switzerland. 3 & 3.

People-watching people in Cuba... don't we all people-watch?

Going home? Egypt.

Barn near home...

Lake Ontario...

Churchill statue in Paris... the two people make all the difference for me.

Toronto skyline from Oshawa lakefront.
Dad getting the kids ready for fishing.

One of Jane's favourites too... along the Seine.

Grandfather & child I assume... Russia.

Do you prefer it in B&W? I do... colors distract in this case I think. B&W lets you concentrate on the humanity.

Hadzabi tribe member in Africa. It's almost hard to believe that they still exist in our time of smartphones & excessive technology.

This one violates photography rules... they should be walking into the frame, not out of it, but I took the approach that they were going home.

Jane on a bridge near home. Another of my all-time favourites. Why? Can't explain it.


Kids in Cusco... I think. The location doesn't matter. Only their expressions do.

On a Cuban beach..."Wait for me." Sisters?

Kids in Spain. One of my all time favourites.  No comment. What comes to mind with you?

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