Thursday, 2 June 2011

2nd Marsh -- June 2nd, 2011

After I dropped Jane off at the salt mine I headed down to the marsh for a bit before I ran some errands. Not much new but time at the marsh is always time well spent.

The most prominent flowers now are the Dame's Violet-- aka Dame's Rocket. They're plentiful.


Mayapples are hanging in. Their single flower is easily spotted now.

Bush with lots of blossoms...
Red-Osier Dogwood-- Thanks John.

I was surprised to see how many new leaves were on the forest floor. The winds we've had brought down tens of 1000s.

The undergrowth is lush and thick almost everywhere in the marsh.

These puffy ones are Birdsfoot Trefoil.

Sometimes it's easy to miss things. When I first spotted these turtles I only saw two. Then I realized there were three of them-- no, four! How about a fifth then? There were four.

As I slowly crept closer for a better shot, three of them dove into the water. The one with his head highest was braver though and let me take as many shots as I wanted to.

Then I spotted another bold one on another log. He wasn't in any rush to go anywhere either.

One of the channels in the marsh.

Even the creek is getting crowded by the explosive growth in the marsh.

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