Monday, 30 May 2011

2nd Marsh -- May 30th, 2011

The beautiful blue, sunny skies beckoned me out yet again. I actually went to Samuel Wilmot Nature Area first since it was another area I hadn't been to in a long time. I was disappointed though. It's about the least interesting nature area around here to my way of thinking. It's close though (near Newcastle) so I thought I'd try it again.

There are a gazillion Dandelions there and a few wildflowers. It does offer not a bad view of Lake Ontario but even that's not the best. I did grab a few shots tho.

Dame's Rocket is out now-- aka Dame's Violet.

Where Wilmot Creek meets Lake Ontario.

A misty view along the lakefront...
Starry False Solomon's Seal-- Thanks John.

White Baneberry-- Thanks John.

So... to make the outing worthwhile, I went to 2nd Marsh on the way home. Though Samuel Wilmot may be a good spot for Newcastle residents to walk their dogs, I couldn't help but feel the contrast when I entered the marsh at Ghost Woods. 

There's so much more variety and the trail from Ghost Woods to the bridge over Farewell Creek is a feast for the eyes in my view. And as a bonus, the tree canopy offers shade from the hot sun.

At this spot, the Wild Geraniums and everything else in sight was covered with white petals that had fallen from a tree above.

I can't get over how fast things change at the marsh. These plants have shot up since I was there not too many days ago. They're crowding the boardwalk in several spots.

What's a day without a shot of some fungus? :-) 

 I saw a Weasel (Marten? Mink?) on the boardwalk but in the second it took me to get the camera to my eye he was gone.

I was a bit luckier with the Beaver at the Beaver Pond. First I saw bubbles, then he surfaced and I had time for one shot and he was gone. Not a good shot but a shot nonetheless. Maybe he'll be a little friendlier the next time I see him.
I always get a kick out of seeing wildlife that you don't see often. It would be even better if they were kind enough to pose for me but I guess that's too much to expect. :-)

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