Wednesday, 22 June 2011

On the Path -- June 22nd, 2011

The day started off wet but the rain let up so I went for my walk on the path. I took a point & shoot along thinking I wouldn't see much to shoot. I should've known better.

I find it hard not to take a shot or two of raindrops on leaves.

I noticed this one had a real variety of raindrop sizes.

For some reason the path has dozens of Walnut trees on it. The path used to be a railroad bed so maybe that has something to do with it.

Walnuts... Only some of the trees have them. Another mystery to me.

Bladder Campion...  Easy to see where the Bladder part of the name comes from, not sure about the Campion part.

Lots of Daisies around town (where don't they grow?) but surprisingly I haven't seen any at the marsh yet.

Goatsbeard seed-head... they look like giant Dandelions.

Chicory... I love the name and it's beautiful blue flower. The only place it is on the path is in a small meadow at the top of the path. I look for it every year.

Foxtail Grass... (aka Bearded Grass-- Thanks John).  I remember seeing tons of this in the Moose Jaw area as a kid but I seldom see it down here. It's in the same meadow as the Chicory.

The Poison Ivy hasn't changed much. With the younger reddish leaves it still jumps out at you.

But in patches like this I can see how someone could easily pick the "pretty white wildflowers" or some other wildflower that was poking up through the Poison Ivy and end up with a nasty surprise a bit later. These particular white flowers are Wild Madder (a Bedstraw)-- Thanks John.

The Milkweed will be blooming soon.

If it wasn't for the raindrops on it this one probably wouldn't have caught my eye. It's Cow Vetch (aka Bird Vetch)... Thanks Doug.

A "pretty white flower" (best I can do)... some interesting detail in the blossoms. ID'd as Multiflora Rose (a garden escapee)--Thanks John.
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