Monday, 1 August 2011

On the Path -- August 1st, 2011

This hot weather means I go for my walk close to sunset. The path is mostly shaded then and the temperature is fine. 

I hadn't taken any pictures on my last few walks, so tonight I just took my shirt-pocket point & shoot thinking I wouldn't likely use it anyway... but I did. It doesn't do too bad a job but it's results don't compare to the SLRs.

This is where I start, immediately across the street from the house. I took this when I got back so it was getting dark.

It was time to check the Poison Ivy again. The newer sprouts are only a few inches high but some of the more mature plants are 2 ft or more and there are berries on some.

Mother Nature plays the odds by producing huge numbers of seeds on every tree and plant. Will one of these Ash keys ("paddles") make it? If not, maybe one of the 1000s of others that were on the tree might.

Grape vines wind their way around other bushes & trees to surprising heights. Again, 1000s of grapes... will a seed from one start another vine? Maybe not. The woods are crowded & competition is fierce.

This church is at the top of the path. They usually have announcements on their sign, but every now & then they put something clever on it like this.

Not welcome news for most, but the signs of Autumn are starting to appear. This bush is usually the first one that I notice turning colour, and this year is no exception.

I've noticed over the years that the first obvious signs of Autumn in this part of the country are in the first week of August, so things are right on schedule.

I especially enjoy the path when the sun is setting. It's quiet and very relaxing.

The Goldenrod is coming into bloom.This is Canada Goldenrod... Thanks John.

There are lots of galls this year. These are on Canada Goldenrod.

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