Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Purple Woods -- July 13th, 2011

Today was very comfortable temperature-wise so after some yard work I went up to Purple Woods, less than a half-hour north of town.

An explanation of why it's called Purple Woods. Check out the 3rd paragraph. Pretty sad... and it's on a sign for the public. Also, I think they meant to say it "looks a lot like an elephant's foot", not an elephant tree, but who knows.

There are lots of Red/Purple Flowering Raspberries there.

This one is interesting. The flowers are less than an inch in size. It looks like some have gone to seed and they have some kind of fluffy seed casing.

Some small fungus on a log.

There was a variety of red berries. The first one is Red Baneberry and the two after that are Multiflora Rose... Thanks John.

An unusual color of berry... a beautiful soft green. It's Blue Cohosh... Thanks John.

Purple Woods is known for its Sugar Shack and harvesting of maple syrup in the spring. This tubing is on a Sugar Maple tree. They seem to leave it on all year but I assume the taps are closed.

I didn't see much new today but any day in nature is a good one.

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