Sunday, 31 July 2011

RoseField Farms & Sandcastles -- July 30th, 2011

One of the camera clubs I'm in arranged an outing to Rosefield Farms north of Cobourg to see some local farmers practicing ploughing with their horse teams. They enter ploughing competitions that come up later.

After the visit to the farm some of us went to Cobourg beach to look at the Sandcastle Festival that was underway.

There were about half a dozen teams of horses.

The older of the two barns on the farm.

In the barn before the work begins...

This young guy stuck at it for an hour or more.

It was hot in the sun but the horses had time to rest between furrows.

... and to share each other's shade.

This guy wasn't interested in the ploughing but he was having a good time.

The sun was harsh and the lighting made for some very contrasty shots.

Time to get out of the hot sun for a bit.

Are the fine lines just for show?

This guy was away from the action but he showed interest now & then when he heard other horses saying something. A beautiful looking horse.

"Muffin" bales are common in this area and many farmers cover them in plastic instead of putting them in the barn.

I had to go back to Cobourg anyway to pick up the 401 for the drive home, so I checked out the Sandcastle Competition on the beach there.

Crocodile & shark...

I really didn't think I'd be posting to this blog as much as I do, but it does help me to organize my pictures sooner than I probably would otherwise. And it keeps me out of mischief I suppose.

So... until next time-- which probably won't be long the way things are going. :-)

- fini -


At 1 August 2011 at 07:42 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

bob, love that you are blogging so often. I really wanted to go to the sandcastle festivale but can't do everything i suppose. love the guy on the buggy (b&w). Your blogs have inpired me to blog more...randy


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