Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Darlington Provincial Park -- August 22nd, 2011

The days have been slightly cooler lately and a bit less humid too. Hallelujah! I went over to Darlington today.

I didn't see anything I'd call exciting, but it was a good day anyway.

I haven't seen these anywhere else. They look like something that could be in the Sunflower family... small flowers but huge leaves. They're Elecampane, another invasive. Thanks John, Gerry.

Bull Thistle

This is New England Aster... Thanks John, Gerry.

The Wild Cucumber pods are appearing now, along with the curlicues.

There are lots of these soft red berries at Darlington, that have the imposing name of Tartarian Honeysuckle... Thanks John.

And lots of the harder berries of the High-bush Cranberry.

Wild Cuke on a Spruce tree. Like the grape vine, it climbs everywhere.

Fishing is allowed in one area of the park. This fisherman knows how to relax... his snacks are close by too.

Something is going to seed. Mother Nature works in big numbers when it comes to reproduction... maybe one seed will make it.

Some early fall colour in a Silver Maple... Thanks John.

The Wild Cucumber blossoms are pretty delicate looking.

This tap was in the picnic area. It's cool. :-)

I like the B&W version.

Wild Grape gone crazy... with a bit of Wild Cucumber trying to horn in on the grape's territory.

Another one I haven't seen elsewhere. Not many blossoms have a "puffy" look to them, but this one looks like it might open up later. It's White Turtlehead... Thanks John, Gerry.

A quiet, peaceful stream on its way to Lake Ontario. At this point it only has another 200 yards or so before it arrives at the lake.

I haven't seen many butterflies this year (compared to other years at least)... other than 100s of Cabbage Whites at the marsh. 

Not much of a shot but with the lack of shots I've managed to get this year, I included it. I think this one is a Question Mark (or maybe a Comma) based on the jagged wings. John confirms that it's a Question Mark.

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At 24 August 2011 at 08:06 , Blogger Brian_67 said...

Fabulous light on the cranberries and the strange sunflower.. The B&W Tap is a winner too.



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