Sunday, 7 August 2011

Brighton Wetlands -- August 6th, 2011

Despite the hot day, after dropping Jane off for work, I decided to go down to Brighton (about an hour's drive) to check out the wetlands. I was there a couple of years ago and didn't see much but thought I might be luckier this time. I was.

Normally access to the wetlands is only by special permit but it was open to the public for a few hours today so I didn't want to miss the chance of another look.

If it was a bust, Presqu'ile Provincial Park is at Brighton too so I planned on a stop there as well.

I've seen lots of Osprey platforms over the years that have been erected around the province but I've only seen a few with Osprey nests on them and I'd only seen one other one that actually had an Osprey in it.

This young one was on the nest alone but after a few minutes the female showed up and started calling to the youngster and swinging and swooping around the nest and landing in a nearby tree now & then. They were calling back & forth.

I don't think she wanted to go to the nest with me about, or maybe she was trying to encourage her offspring to leave the nest... he looks like he should soon.

The bald, overcast sky doesn't make for great shots but you don't get to choose your skies, and I didn't want to bother changing them in Photoshop.

I didn't want to disturb them any more than I already had, so when it was obvious that she wasn't going to the nest, I left them in peace.

I added this image because of her eyes! It's over-processed in Photoshop to enhance the eyes. It almost looks like she's wearing glasses. If I had seen her eyes when I took this shot I probably would have left sooner. :-)

I do like the look of thistle seeds, when they're still clinging to the main plant in bunches.

Wild Cucumber has a distinctive leaf. It climbs over everything around it, just like the Wild Grape does.

Touch-Me-Not (Jewellweed) is widespread now. It adds a nice touch of color wherever it is. It's not "popping" yet.

This plant can't help but catch your eye with its red joints. It's an unusual way for leaves to be attached to the stem.

A Black Swallowtail... less one "tail"...

It must be serious grooming time for the Mute Swans now, judging by time they spend at it and the number of feathers on the ground and in the water beside them.

Presqu'ile Park is on the other side of town from the wetlands so I dropped in at Memory Junction Museum on the way... some nostalgia for those of us that remember steam locomotives & cabooses.

As I was looking at the old engine, a modern version came flying by just behind me.

After the museum I went to Presqu'ile for a looksee. I didn't see anything of note. The humidity was getting to me by now too. I took a quick shot of the lighthouse just to have a shot of something from the park. :-)

It had been a while since I was down this way. It'll probably be a while before I am again. I'm glad that I've rediscovered Second Marsh here in town. It's close by and it offers as much variety as anywhere else around. 

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At 10 August 2011 at 13:52 , Blogger Brian_67 said...

Trains are tough to photograph in any conditions, I think. I wish I could get an angle on them. Love the thistle and wild cucumber shots. Next time your heading east and want company...give us a call. Brian


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