Sunday, 22 July 2018

A Mix from the Last While
June-July 2018

At the end of the year, RJ's school had a music concert. The younger ones played recorders. We had similar things called 'tonettes' out west. Any one else familiar with those?

After the official concert, some fun in the hallway with a buddy.

I still get out in nature once in a while. This was along a creek near RJ's baseball game. It's Dame's Rocket, aka Wild Phlox by some.

Grasses catch my eye, but I get very few images of them that I like. This one isn't great but not bad.

Signs in a shop. Both are pretty good.

Trying to cash in on the 'anti-Chinese' refrain.

My surprise birthday dessert when Jane took me out for dinner. No singing...  which is fine with me.

Garden colors change as the weeks go by. This was a a couple weeks ago. Maybe more.

I've always liked this guy. Tom Sawyer to me.

You never know what will catch kids' attention. RJ was intrigued by this mini waterfall in a park downtown.

And he loved this. A 'magic' glove with 'special' bubbles that bounced off it. Jane & I were impressed too. Very cool.

Another outing with RJ... to Oshawa harbour. We watched a couple tugboats bring this freighter into the dock. There are two tugboats in the image. One is harder to see.

To end the week, Jane & I went to Darlington Provincial Park. Turned out it was a free day for day visits. Not well advertised so it wasn't busy at all. Started with a hot dog at the park store, then went down to the beach. A hottish day but a nice breeze off the lake to make things comfortable.

People were soaking up the sun or swimming. When you can't see the other side of the lake, it feels like you're at the ocean.

We just had to stick around for this to see what it was all about... a turtle race. 

Yah, right. As you'd guess, the turtles just weren't into it. They went every direction except the one the were 'supposed' to. Kids had a ball, but us adults got a real kick out of it too. Lots of comments, lots of kidding.

We went for a short walk down a trail and Jane spotted these water striders below a bridge. Hard to make out in the image... too much sun. But if you're not familiar with them, they 'walk on water'... surface tension and such. You can see their feet on the water if you look closely.

I've never seen a gathering like this. I've only seen one or two at a time before.

We ended the day back at the park store for an ice cream cone. Not much choice. They didn't have any of my favourites so I tried a rum & raisin. Not bad but not one I'll add to my favourites list.

It was good to get out in nature again. Not seeing much of it lately. I must try harder to.

Take care,
Bob & Jane


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