Saturday, 2 June 2018

Backyard Visitor
June 2nd, 2018

I brushed the dust off my cameras and have been on a few 'outings' lately. Most important was a wedding in Calgary. Also a trip with a camera club and today a 'Feathered Friends Festival' at Second Marsh. I even took a few shots of our crabapple tree blossoms on our driveway a few days back... even prettier than on the tree itself... but probably only to me.

I'll be posting more on my blog over the next few weeks. In the meantime, a quick post of what is to us a very interesting visitor in our back yard. We awoke to a lone pigeon in a tree out back. It took a few seconds for it to register with my brain. What is this? Yah, it's a pigeon.

I first spotted him/her in a tree but he was quickly comfortable with things, and was enjoying the seed and water that we put out for our critters. He's clearly banded and belongs to someone.

Okay. Saw him. He'll be gone shortly and we'll never see him again. Nope. He kept returning. Two weeks now... and we were away for a week in Calgary. 

A day after we returned from Calgary, we were on the patio and who was there, but our buddy. He was looking at us with I swear was the 'Where's the food?' look. Jane put some seed out on a patio stone, and I think he was heading for the food before Jane had stepped back. 

Jane has done some detective work re 'lost' or stray pigeons. Fairly common apparently. She called a 'Pigeon Society' with the band details so hopefully we'll hear from someone. In the meantime, we'll feed and water him. He's very friendly. Maybe he'll adopt us for a while. Seems to have already.

When you look at them closely, they're really quite beautiful... the colors, the iridescence. I really hope we can get him back to his owner. We're working on it.

It feels good to have a camera in my hands again, It's been a while.

A few more posts to come.  :)

Hope all is well at your end.

Take care,


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