Friday, 15 June 2018

Fun Fair and More
June 15th, 2018

RJ's school had a Fun Fair yesterday. I shared it with him. He had a ball. I arrived later than I told him I would. I expected a cool reception, but he was kind to me. :)

While I bought some tickets, he went to talk to the firemen at the firetruck. I almost had to tear him away, suggesting we look at some other things.

He loves the dunk tank... being the dunkee rather the the ball thrower. He did it 3 times. Go figure. 

Goggles on, ready for the dunking...


After the dunking, with one of the teachers.

Buddies sharing a laugh.

RJ's first potato sack race. He loved it. He tried it twice.

Poutine time... and sharing more laughs. I sometimes wonder what they're sharing at this age. Their faces say more than words can.

This one was new to me... throwing water balloons at the girls. I wonder if they had a problem recruiting the girls for it.

And an old one... pin the tail on the donkey... good to see.

This was the classic 'guess how many jelly beans' there are in the jar. RJ won. His prize... the jelly beans...998 of them. :)

This was from a few weeks back. Crabapple blossoms on our driveway and steps. I love it. It passes way too quickly though. I may have mentioned that I love them scattered on things, more so than on the tree even. Maybe I'm an oddball.

Back to Calgary for a few. I joked that you shouldn't zoom in on this one. I zoomed in for you. :) It's the biggest Adirondack chair we've come across.

I like to learn the names of common trees. Although this one isn't common in our neck of the woods, I'd heard of it many times. It's an Ohio Buckeye. Beautiful blossoms.

This was at the garden in the prairies that Stephen & Michael took us to. It's one of my favourites from the gardens. It blends the garden with the prairie. The gates invite you to venture out to explore the prairie. I forgot to include it last time.

If any of you are curious how our story with the pigeon is going... P.G. as Jane has named him. He's still around. Jane feeds him faithfully. I do too. Theories vary with stray pigeons. Feed them. Don't feed them. 

We always leave out food for our critters. If we don't put feed out our other critters will be deprived, so not feeding him isn't an option for us.

I say let nature take it's course. Jane feels PG must be lonely. She may try to get a local club to help get him back to his home. I figure he'll get tired of living out of a suitcase, and go home when he's ready.

Jane said today he was cooing to her when she appeared. 
A bond is developing. :)

Time will tell whether he goes home, or decides Oshawa is his new home. My bet is that we're not the only ones he's visiting in town. We all have decisions to make. PG will have to make his. Will keep you posted on PG's decisions.

Have a good one,
Bob & Jane


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