Sunday, 8 March 2015

Oshawa Second Marsh
March 8th, 2015

One thing about a wicked stretch of frigid weather, is that when it finally breaks, it lifts the spirits like little else does.

Since it was such a glorious day, Jane & I went to Second Marsh to feed the Chickadees. There were lots there, as always, but the most welcome sight was about 30 Brown-headed Cowbirds—a sure sign of spring. They were perched in the bushes, singing their hearts out, enjoying the warm day as much as we were. 

I didn't even need to wear gloves, so working the camera was a piece of cake.

Here's a link to their joyful welcome to spring. 

There were Cardinals, Mourning Doves, a Goldfinch and Blue-Jays too.

This is probably the shortest post you'll ever see from me, but I just had to share a sign of spring. 

The Friends of Second Marsh web site...
A direct link to a map of the paths/trails in the marsh...

A link to a page that has my past posts re the marsh, in one place rather than scattered throughout this blog...

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