Thursday, 15 January 2015

Samuel Wilmot CA
January 15th, 2015

It was a cold day but I had cabin fever so I drove down to Samuel Wilmot for a different perspective of the lake. It was much colder than I expected. I was dressed for it and had hand-warmers in my gloves, but it still felt like I was on the Arctic tundra. There was a bitterly cold, strong wind coming off the lake. My nose & face were feeling the full brunt of it.
'Ice volcanoes' form along the shoreline of Lake Ontario in winter. As ice is pushed ashore, water sometimes works its way under the ice, and comes up through cracks or holes and freezes. Over time, a cone-shaped 'volcano' can form with water erupting out of the cone as the waves come in. The volcanoes are only a few feet high but it's quite a sight.

There are usually lots of them.

Something that's easy to spot in the winter—Black Knot fungus on shrubs & trees. If you're curious:

Milkweed seed pods with a couple seeds that are hanging on through the winter. Not many do.

On the walk back to the car I was facing the bitter wind. My face hasn't been that cold since I was a kid. I was walking backwards into the wind for a ways—something I haven't done since growing up on the prairies. 'Colder than a witch's kiss' as they say.

I think I'll pick up a balaclava.

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