Friday, 21 November 2014

On the Path
November 21st, 2014

I went for my first winter walk today. Winter doesn't always wait for the date we peg it at to arrive. It's winter here.

It was late in the day so it quickly got colder. The late day sun was shining through the trees though, painting them a gorgeous golden hue. The sight takes some of the sting out of the cold air.

The next two shots were beautiful tree tunnels a few weeks ago. Still kinda pretty with the nice light.

A couple months back, a young kid told me about a wasp nest "further up the path". I never did see it then. It's sure obvious now.

It looks like some grotesque face from this angle.

It's this time of year that you find out how many squirrel nests are in the area. They just look like messy bundles of leaves, but they must do the job.

With the leaves gone, we also get another view of the results of last winter's ice storm.

When late-day sun hits a Yellow Birch, it becomes more obvious how they got their name. That's my guess at least. The horizontal lenticles ('breathing slots') stand out on all birch trees.

At a distance the seed pods on Black Locust could easily be mistaken for leaves, hanging on through winter, much like the oak leaves do. Imagine if all the seeds from this single tree were to succeed. Instant forest.

The Black Locusts on the path are just across the street from our place at the foot of the path. They're slowly spreading. Not a forest yet, but a start.

There's less to see in nature in winter, but we do get to see things that we don't see in other seasons.

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