Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Oshawa Second Marsh
September 30th, 2014

The marsh is showing its fall colours. The first thing I came across was this Dryad's Saddle fungus. Very common and easy to spot because they're large. This one was about 10-12 inches across.

I didn't realize they were edible. That explains why I saw some women gathering them in the spring in their earliest stage. Not very tasty when they're this large apparently. I'm tempted to try them next spring but I probably won't.

The Beaver Pond boardwalk is wonky but firm.

The marsh doesn't really have much bright fall colour. The colors tend to be the softer tones.

Not sure what this is but it's a rich purple. It was the only real color that I saw in Ghost Road Bush. It's Closed Gentian. Thanks Gerry.

A Sharp-shinned Hawk. Thanks Gerry.

I don't usually bother changing the sky in photos, but this was an easy one to substitute a new sky into, using Photoshop. Much better though.
Most color is along the berm, where the sun can bathe the wildflowers. There's still some Chicory around... a favourite of mine. I love its color.
Himalayan Balsam is spreading along the berm. It's dominant this time of year. The seed pods are ready for popping--a gentle squeeze and the pods twist and curl and release their seeds.

Its color varies from pale to bright pink, to off-white.

Jerusalem Artichoke (nothing to do with Jerusalem and not an artichoke) is also extending its range. There's lots of it along the berm this year. It towers over most other growth.

A Trumpeter Swan circled in to settle on the channel by the berm.

Putting on the brakes.

I do meet others in the marsh, but seldom more than you can count on one hand.

Cormorants have to dry their wings since their feathers aren't water-repellent  like most other waterfowl.

A mix on the raft in the bay.

A Monarch (the 2 black spots on its hind wings indicate it's a male) on a Jerusalem Artichoke blossom. Another common name for the JA is Sunroot... less of a mouthful and more meaningful maybe.
I caught this one just as it was taking off. Looks like some human-like figure, (with 4 eyes), in the center of its wings. Seems somehow appropriate for this time of year--Halloween colors & all. Click on the image for a closer look.

The channel by the berm. Mist adds a touch to many shots.

Wild Cucumber seed pods. Still green, but not for long.

The grey branches against the darker background caught my eye.

This is the month to look for fungi & mushrooms in our area. You'll find more than pretty much any other time of year.

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