Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Brickworks -- Toronto -- February 18th, 2012

A few of us from the Oshawa Camera Club went to the Don Valley Brickworks (now Evergreen Brickworks) on Saturday. The weather wasn't the best but there were a couple 100 visitors there... lots of families with their kids. They have activities for the kids.

Last time I was there things were a lot different. There's a small market now (just on weekends  someone said),  a nice cafe, and a dozen or so vendors with food or crafts & gifts. Some of the old buildings are still standing. Entry is allowed in the old brick-manufacturing building.


Sometimes it's the things "on the side" that grab your attention. That's the case here. This is the first electric car I've seen in the wild... plugged in and charging. It's a Mitsubishi. It's in keeping with Evergreen's green policy.

Turns out there was a second one on the other side of the lot. This is a Nissan. I wonder how long it'll be before they're common. And what about the chargers? How many and where will they be? I guess hybrids make more sense. Maybe these are both hybrids, I'm not sure.

The kilns used for making the bricks.

 I can't imagine it. Huge callouses I guess. How many bruised & broken fingers & thumbs?

There's lots of boring graffiti everywhere these days, but this one impressed me... haunting.

Another green vehicle... a mini-truck, about the size of a van.

It was a good shoot. Also picked up a couple toys for our grandson in the market building, and one for me too. :-)

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