Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) & Street Photography

The Northumberland Photography Club had an outing to the ROM in Toronto on Sunday. It had been forever since I had been there so I jumped at the chance to join in.

I hadn't seen the radical update to the architecture of the building... and radical it is. It looks like a modern building fell into/onto the old one, but it does make for interesting reflections.

The old amongst the new... Church of the Redeemer... just across from the ROM.

I headed straight for the Dinosaurs. I always try to imagine these giants walking around the countryside of today's world.

The displays are set up for viewing, not for photography, so it's hard to get clear shots of many of them.

I Photoshopped out some of the lines. It's just too much bother for most shots though.

Quite the headplate.

Talk about ragged teeth.

Emotion in stone.

In the African display... coffins from Ghana. If you're a fisherman you can be buried in a fish.

Do you drive a Mercedes? Why not get buried in one then.

I love street photography. Ordinary people doing ordinary things. I shot more on the street than I did in the ROM... or in some cases, I shot street scenes from inside the ROM.

Depending on the image, I sometimes prefer color, sometimes B&W. Some I crop, some I don't. How much to include in the shot is always a decision you have to make.

It was a cold day and a McDonald's & a coffee shop were across the street from the ROM so many a passerby had coffee in their hands.

Color?  B&W? Include the bikes?

Crop even tighter? Clone out the lettering? Lots of choices.

Pick your own private window or join the bunch on the ledge.

The view from beside the ROM.

Mannequins without faces look strange.

The trip home on the 401. It wasn't as bad as the telephoto lens makes it look.

The ROM is like all large museums. You'd need days or weeks to check it all out.  As fascinating as museums are to me, I quickly become tired and bored. I do enjoy them but I can only take them in relatively small doses. That's probably why I ended up doing so much street photography.

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