Wednesday, 7 December 2011

On the Path -- December 7th, 2011

This time of year I find that there's less in nature to photograph but if you're a nature lover you always find something. And, as always, nature holds surprises any time of year. Not always something of note, but something that attracts your eye just the same and makes you want to linger a little.

And in the fall, with the leaves gone and the heavy growth of summer shriveled and shrunken, things appear that otherwise were lost in the crowd. This is their time to be noticed.

I took my camera along today, just planning to record the march of the seasons really, but I found a couple gems... though I realize they wouldn't be considered gems to everyone.

Almost all leaves are on the ground now, with only the odd one or two clinging on stubbornly to a tree branch or shrub.

The green along the path is Garlic Mustard preparing for the year ahead.

The woods have filled up with leaves, soon to fill up with snow as Robert Frost put so well.

One of natures tangles.

It's always the odd man that stands out, this being the only tree that has lost all of its bark, all 40 ft or so of it. Seems odd.

Maybe I should have taken a wider shot to show more dramatically that these were the only leaves in this part of the woods that were still on a bush and still had strong colors.  

Another of nature's tangles. What's pleasing to the eye doesn't always make for an interesting image. But even if it's just a record shot, it still tells a story and it brings back the moment that you enjoyed.

Being December, red & green always brings Christmas to mind for me.

Another hanger-on.

I'm wondering if this is the fall display of New England Asters. This time of year you seldom see masses of any color so these jump out at you.

Bull Thistles' thorns sure are obvious now, even looking a bit threatening. In the summer they're lost amongst the thistle's greenery.

It was a real treat for me to find these so close to home. There are only two plants amongst the 100s of others so I didn't see them in the summer, at least not knowingly.

I'm not sure what they are but this time of year they have hard, white seed casings on them, only about 1 mm in diameter, like tiny pearls. I've only seen them once before, near Port Hope. The ones there were about the size of a pea.

There's nothing like a walk in nature to revive your love for life, in all its forms, if we truly see what we look at. Nature really is good for the soul.

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