Friday, 4 November 2011

On the Path -- October 25th - 31st, 2011

These were taken over a few days.

Walnut leaves add a light glow to the otherwise darker green on the path.

The woods are aglow too.

... and the leaf-carpet thickens.

Beech leaves tend to be a rust or copper color.

Silver Maples don't have the brighter colors of the Sugar Maple. The underside of its leaves that gives Silver Maple its name are still silver.

A colorful variety of Sugar Maple leaves. The orange one in the top-left of the shot looks pretty close to the one that's on our flag.

Sugar Maples in the area have been hit with a severe case of Tar Spot fungus this year. I've noticed lots of it around the city too.

Theory has it that it's pretty much harmless to the trees but it sure is ugly.

This shot is interesting because these are Wild Grapes, yet there isn't a single grape leaf in the image... well, maybe one on the right. The grape vine has crept over the Red-Osier Dogwood (I think), but it's lost all its leaves.

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