Wednesday, 26 October 2011

On the Path - October 22nd, 2011

Things have changed a lot in just the few days since I took these. Fall is tightening its grip daily, though it seems like it just started a short time ago.

There are still more leaves on the trees than on the ground but the balance is tipping quickly.

The woods seem to glow, even though the sun isn't behind the trees.

It's interesting how these Sugar maple leaves are mostly green and yet the ones in the next shot, just a few feet away, have much stronger yellows, oranges & reds.

The creek in the woods. Pretty much any creek slowly erodes its banks, downing trees that are growing too close to its edge.

This one can't last much longer...

The branch in the creek still has some captive leaves but most seem to be escaping with all the rain we've been having.

The leaf carpet in the woods is getting thicker.

The only flowers left in the meadow at the top of the path are a few Red Clover & a few Chicory.

Tattered & worn but still pretty...

Closer to home there are still quite a few Butter & Eggs (Common Toadflax) on the path to brighten the scene.

Already, it's feeling like winter is in the wings, ready to take its turn on center stage. Tempis fugit.

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