Friday, 9 September 2011

Near Cranberry Marsh -- September 9th, 2011

It was such a beautiful day that we just had to get out for a bit to enjoy it. Jane joined me today and we went along the Waterfront Trail near Cranberry Marsh for most of a mile and back.

The Monarchs were out again today. We saw a few dozen, often several at a time. Again, they were on the Goldenrod.

We found a path that led to the lake and we sat on this log for a while enjoying the cool breeze from the lake.

As we wandered about the beach Jane spotted this frog. It's either a Green or a Mink Frog. I haven't been able to sort out which it is. John Foster has confirmed that it's a Green Frog... female apparently.

We were at this spot or not far away for a half hour or so and she didn't move. She was at the water's edge, soaking up the sun and enjoying the odd wave washing over her. She was still in the same spot when we left.

We walked along the beach and Jane spotted another, this time a Leopard Frog.

We saw a guy netting Monarchs and ended up talking with him and his wife for 15 minutes or so. They were from Oshawa but they were taking part in a program of tagging Monarchs for the University of Kansas.

He tagged a couple while we talked. He said he tags 500-600 in an average year and up to 1300 in a good year. This year they've only tagged about 55 but they have a couple more weeks to go yet. It was fascinating to see the process.

We went to the Raptor Watch platform in Cranberry Marsh for a few minutes to see if anything was there.

These bare trees are a favourite perch for Cormorants... no doubt the reason the trees are bare. Their droppings quickly defoliate trees. They're a few 100 yards from the platform so this was the best I could do with the lens I was using.

Someone has put up feeders near the viewing platform. That obviously pleases this Red Squirrel. This one looks like she's eating for more than just herself.

It was another of those days that confirms that you never know what you're going to see... or who you're going to meet.

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