Sunday, 25 September 2011

Thickson's Woods & Cranberry Marsh Area -- September 25th, 2011

After going to 2nd Marsh yesterday, I was planning on staying home today and attend to a couple chores, but then last night I got an email message saying that at the hawk watch at Cranberry Marsh they had counted 800-1000 Monarchs flying by per hour. Chores just aren't as important as Monarchs.

So... thinking that maybe there might be good showing today too I just had to go have a look, knowing full well that I may not see many... but thinking I would probably see a bunch. :-)

Mother Nature, as is so often her way, thought otherwise. I went to Thickson's first, having in mind the 1000s I saw there a few years back. Though I wasn't expecting 1000s, with the 800-1000 an hour yesterday at Cranberry (just 2 or 3 miles west of Thickson's) I thought there was a good chance I'd see a few dozen at least. I didn't see a single one. So... I looked for whatever else might present itself.

I can always count on some fungus this time of year.

Moss on the forest floor always catches my eye. It's brilliant green color, growing in velvety mats is hard to miss.

So off I went to Cranberry. Would I see a few 100 Monarchs there? That's been my hot-spot for this year after all. And they did report 800-1000 per hour yesterday. But it wasn't to be.

I saw fewer than 10... but at least they were obliging enough that I managed to get a few good shots. I can't resist taking shots of Monarchs no matter how many I already have. They're just too beautiful not to. 

They do love Goldenrod!

We're so lucky to live in this part of the world for many reasons... the Fall colours is only one of them.

Green leaves have a beauty of their own too. Add a touch of dew and and the right light and the beauty factor goes up another notch.

Or a nice splash of light on an interestingly shaped leaf...

I stopped by the northern viewing platform at the marsh and a couple Turkey Vultures flew over while I was there.

Mother Nature often arranges her plants in jumbled tangles, but the mix can be a treat for the eyes.  Here she has some of her Wild Cucumber, some Asters, a bit of Goldenrod, a touch of pink... even some brown burs thrown in. This is the time of year that we come away with some of her burs that were looking for a new home.

I like all stages of the Wild Cucumber, including the brown winter stage that most people don't even glance at. This seed pod looks like a miniature watermelon with spikes.

Yet another great day in nature. I managed to get one of the planned chores for the day done when I got home. The other one will have to wait... and it can. I find there are very few chores that have to be done at a certain time. Call it procrastination if you want. I call it "loving nature". :-)

- fini -

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