Tuesday, 1 November 2011

2nd Marsh -- November 1st, 2011

It had been a week since I was at the marsh. Changes seem to be slower now but I doubt that will last. Change is unpredictable.

The merging of Harmony & Farewell Creeks just north of the main entrance to the marsh. This is one of a few spots I try to shoot every season. After I get winter's view, I plan to post a series of "4 Season" shots of the marsh.

The path at the main entrance that goes to the lake is paved, which is one reason I seldom go this way. This grasshopper was soaking up some warmth from the pavement. It has the appropriate name, Red-legged Grasshopper.

These Red Oak leaves almost challenge the brilliance of Sugar Maple.

Farewell Creek from the bridge.

Back to my usual route... the boardwalk in Ghost Road bush.

Anything green stands out at this time of year, like the bush along the treeline at the Beaver Pond.

I have no idea what these are. Maybe I recognized them in an earlier stage but I sure don't now. They kind of look like huge bottle-brush creepy-crawlers.

I bypassed several fungi today but this one caught my eye with the pattern on the edges. These are Shaggy Scalecaps... Thanks Gerry.

I never tire of shooting Turkey Tails... different light, different patterns, different backgrounds.

A surprise. This Great Blue was in the channel leading to the bay... none were in the bay. For whatever reason I didn't spook him. He kept an eye on me but he didn't take off. My guess is that with the reeds dying off, he could see me rather than just hear me so as long as he thought I was far enough away he didn't much care.

After our staring match, he sauntered down a side-channel.

Some of my"Northern Pampas Grass" (Common Reed Grass) awash in late afternoon light.

I took this shot to check my exposure at the time, but I liked it enough to keep it.

On the way back from the bay, my buddy was back in plain view so we had another staring match. He won. I left and he was still there. The light was changing quickly.

Back on the boardwalk... the light on the trees near the Beaver Pond was filtering through the trees of Ghost Road Bush. Though I couldn't imagine going to the marsh without my camera, even if you don't have a camera you're treated to some beautiful views, especially when the light is right.

I'm guessing the Chickadees & Nuthatches are finding food a little scarcer... they're following me again at the "usual spots" in Ghost Road Bush & at the Beaver Pond. Up to about a week or so ago they could care less it seemed.

When I'm by myself I find it harder to get good shots. You attract them with the seeds, then they're gone. I was lucky with the Nuthatches today but didn't get any decent shots of the Chickadees.

Red berries... you can't miss 'em. Someone must have thrown the branch into the Beaver Pond.  The Duckweed in the pond made for a 'Christmasy' look.

Gold and green... a good color combo.

Tamarack (aka Larch)... our only conifer that loses its needles every year. Tamarack comes from an Algonquin Indian word meaning "wood used for snowshoes", according to Wikipedia & others.

I do love 2nd Marsh!

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