Sunday, 1 January 2012

On the Path -- December 31st, 2011

It's been a few weeks since I posted anything... and I don't have much for today either. What with having a miserable cold off & on for weeks now, and with the busy holiday season, I just haven't been out much with the camera. I'm waiting for a good snowfall too, in the hope of getting some nice snowscapes.

But I did take a camera on my walk yesterday. We had our first real snowfall, though not a lot, on Boxing Day, so there was snow on the ground for a few days at least. But only a few as it turned out. It rained a fair bit today (January 1st) so most of the snow has gone already.

Though there wasn't a lot of snow, it was a contrast to the post before this one, from December 7th.


At one point, the wind, or maybe squirrels, had shaken some Ash keys onto the snow. Will any of these sprout next year? They were on the path so I doubt it. But maybe one will get blown or kicked to the side and a new tree will join its brethren. Maybe.

The Hemlocks in the woods kept the snow from covering some of the fallen leaves. There couldn't have been any wind to speak of when it snowed, or things wouldn't look like this.

The winding creek in the woods always offers some calming winter images. As the waterflow erodes the sides of the creek, more & more trees fall into it.

And on the way back up... the 1000s of leaves on the forest floor are almost covered. This is almost the same shot as one from a few posts back, before the snow.

Yellow Birch stand out any time of year, but especially in winter.

I plan on a visit to the marsh this coming week. A fresh snowfall would add to the pics I think, but will have to wait and see what I get.

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