Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Bond Head -- January 18th, 2012

My trigger finger was getting a little itchy, so I went to Bond Head (Newcastle Harbour) today to shoot some Canada Geese. At times there aren't any geese there but usually you do see a few dozen. Today there were 100s-- along the pier, on shore in the picnic area, and a few 100 in the water.

Flying in to join the party...

The "Conductor"...


Angelic Wings...

"So, are we leaving or not?"

"There goes George, he always leaves first."

 "I'm joining George!"

"We all are!"

This pair decided on a stroll on the shore. They're in perfect step.

It looks like the left goose is on ice, but it's water. I just happened to catch him as his feet were about to touch the water.
Jane thought these three looked like a time-lapse of one goose taking off (I agree)... but it's actually three geese in different 'poses' of the lift-off.

One of what must be 100s of creeks that flow into Lake Ontario.

Ice always makes for some interesting patterns.

Looking like some sort of  sea-life, these are just pebbles & stones encased in ice.

The Newcastle Marina from the other side of the bay.

It was good to get out to somewhere I hadn't been for a while.

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