Saturday, 25 January 2014

Oshawa 2nd Marsh
January 25th, 2014

We're having a heat wave. The thermometer rose to -7° C today. It felt ok when I shoveled the driveway before going to the marsh, but it was another story when I got there.

It felt pretty good as I walked south on the berm towards the lake, but quite another coming back north, with what seems to be an ever-present wind these days. But enough whining. Once I had feeling back in my fingers, I was glad I got out again.

January 'browns'

Even the ice is brown.

Split branches are a common sight after the ice storm--there are 1000s in our neck of the woods.

The lake looked cold. This is where Farewell Creek enters the lake. Lots of ice along the shoreline.

A flock of Trumpeter Swans lifted off the lake and headed west.

The wind has coated the shoreline shrubs & trees with frozen spray.

The wind does create a pretty sight, as the waves hit the shore.

Not their usual habitat, but there's a small patch of milkweed in the sand at the beach. I seldom pass milkweed without taking a shot or two, no matter what the season.

You can see Bonnie Brae Point from the lakefront at the marsh.

Dogwood brightens the brown landscape.

There's been an irruption of Snowies (Snowy Owls) this winter. Dozens are being seen around the province. They've come further south than usual, presumably due to a shortage of mice & voles up north.

This is the first I've seen around here.

A poor shot, but they sure are a pretty sight on the wing.

The deadwood core in the center of this branch is easy to see, a sight we're usually denied.

The 'face' on the end of it looks like an owl to me.

Yellow Cane along the berm... more commonly known by another, very boring name: Common Reed Grass. I think Yellow Cane is much more descriptive & appropriate.

It's a two minute drive from the marsh to General Motors HQ on the lake, so I went down for a quick look... to find a hockey scrum and a lone skater there today.

Almost all of us, including me, are grumbling about the long winter, the winter that won't end, etc. Like that old expression says, "It's colder than a witch's kiss" these days, but at least when you get out, no matter what you choose to do, and come back into a warm home, it becomes a little more tolerable.

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