Monday, 30 December 2013

Oshawa Second Marsh
December 27th, 2013

For my project of documenting the marsh, I make a point of going down once a month. I just about missed December, but I wanted to at least check Farewell Creek at the footbridge. Ever since I took this shot a few years back,

I'm always curious what the scene looks like each winter. I don't expect it to ever look the same, but curiosity keeps drawing me back. As is to be expected, every winter is different. More or less snow, more or less cloud cover, warmer or colder, the creek more or less open, plant growth, different light. I could imagine the large tree on the right falling into the creek at some point.

Here's what it looked like today. Turns out it was the tree on the left that was the first casualty. They'll probably both be gone in the years ahead.

The footbridge over Farewell Creek where I take these shots from.

The paths were closed today--officially.

Farewell Creek -- looking the opposite direction from the bridge. Saw a beaver with ice-coated whiskers here last year.

While I was there, several flocks of geese were heading inland from the marsh or the lake. Not sure they'll find much in the fields where they're probably going. I'd think most of what they do find would be under ice. They do survive though.

A Sumach seed pod... it's icy coat makes it look like a red seal.

Biding their time. Nature forms her buds in late summer or early fall. They have to be ready to burst forth in early spring. This image is a little deceiving. The ice looks like it's behind the buds, but the buds are completely encased in ice. I expect they'll do fine come spring though.

Manitoba Maple (the Americans call them Box Elders) keys. They too, await spring. So do most of us for that matter.

Before I left for home I drove down to GM HQ for a look at the lake. Though the lake is free of ice, this bay freezes over. It's a popular spot for families to skate or play a bit of hockey.

I also swung by Oshawa Harbour. This is Bonniebrae Point--another catchy name that I like.

My next visit to the marsh will be in 2014. Time flies. A cliché yes, but oh so true -- whether you're having fun or not. :-)

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