Sunday, 12 August 2012

On the Path -- August 11th, 2012

Jane gave me a new camera for my birthday so I took it along on my walk today to give it a workout. It's one of the mirror-less ones. It's slick.

A Study in Green:
Not surprisingly, the path is like the marsh... not much in the way of wildflowers right now. A few Queen Anne's Lace, some Golden Rod, and a couple others. Noticing all the green, I decided, as a little challenge, to try to capture only green today. I found it to be like the experts say... with some nature subjects you have to try to find some order in the chaos. It made for an interesting shoot.



Wild Grape

Garlic Mustard

Poison Ivy

Wild Grape

Dog-Strangling Vine

In the woods...

Wild Grape tends to stand out.

A couple non-green shots... There's a small patch of Himalayan Balsam near the top of the path.

This guy greeted me on the way up the path and on the way back. Each time he was sitting on the path, and as I approached, it was obvious that he couldn't fly yet, nor had he developed a healthy fear of humans as yet. Each time I was within about 10 ft before he casually walked into the grasses.

- fini -



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