Thursday, 31 May 2012

2nd Marsh -- May 30th, 2012

The flower show is under way. In fact, if you live locally and you enjoy a walk in the woods, now is the time I personally think is the best time to visit the marsh.

The Dame's Rocket is in full bloom and is putting on a gorgeous display. It seems to me there's even more than in other years and it's in both small and sweeping patches. Pictures just can't do it justice-- you need to be there to feel the effect of being "surrounded" by it.

Dame's Rocket is taller than most wildflowers so it stands out much more than others (and there's so much of it) and the white & purple mix really is something to see... spread out before & around you as you take it all in.

The best place to see it is from the Farewell Creek bridge to the berm and then south, towards the lake, on the berm for a few 100 yards.

This Yellow Flag Iris is at the Beaver Pond but there's also some along the channel that parallels the berm.

A 'noisy' shot but a sampling of the few dozen Dwarf Yellow Ladyslippers in Ghost Road Bush.

I thought this was Multi-flora Rose, but John Foster ID'd it as Blackberry. Thanks John.

Wild Geraniums

Canada Anemone

Hanging around from last year.

It's always a treat to see some creatures running about... this time a pair of curious, but shy, Cottontails.

Nature is putting on a real show with the Dame's Rocket. If you can, head down for a look. If you do, take some repellent with you. The skeeters have started.

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