Friday, 27 July 2012

Moose Jaw -- #3 of 3 -- Trains

As promised, this post is strictly of trains.

Moose Jaw has been a CPR divisional point for decades. At one point there was a large round-house in the yard. Though it's gone, there is still a large engine shop in Moose Jaw, and countless tons of freight & oil roll through the yard.

The government now allows "2-mile trains" on the prairies... 10,000 feet actually, but close enough to 2 miles to earn the label.

As I set up this post I realized that I already included most of the train shots in the other posts, but at least they're all together here.

If you know Moose Jaw, all yard shots were taken from the 4th Avenue bridge.

The CPR Station

I noticed that these engines have bells. I'm not enough of a train buff to know whether or not these engines are the "Red Barns" that train buffs talk about.

Apparently CPR leases the blue CITX engines... and some of the others presumably.

Saskatchewan is a close second to Alberta in conventional oil production.

All the previous shots were looking east from the 4th Avenue bridge. The next one is looking west towards the 9th Avenue bridge. It shows the "west end" of the yard.

Next time I'm in Moose Jaw, I hope to get some "different" shots of the trains & the yard.

The following link will take you to another post of trains.

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At 27 July 2012 at 23:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bob...Being an old railroad man I enjoyed the images...There must be a lot of double track if they are running train 2 miles long..WOW...We used to think that a train with 100 cars was long....



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