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2nd Marsh
April 26th-27th, 2013

I was down at the marsh in late April for a look. The warmer weather was just nicely starting. In fact, when I got out of the car I figured I didn't even need the light jacket that I had on. Poor decision. I half-froze to death as I approached the lake and the sun slipped behind some clouds.

Tree shadows on the boardwalk.

This Cardinal was fairly close but he didn't want to display his crown. Looks like he went to the barber.

When he finally did show it, it was an odd shot from where I was standing. As soon as I took the shot he was gone.

I think golden tones are my favourite for fungus.

There are 1000's, more like tens of 1000's of Trout Lily in Ghost Road Bush. Some of them will be sporting their hanging yellow blooms soon.

Mixed in with the Trout Lily are lots of early-stage Horsetail, with their pagoda looking towers.

I only had an hour on the 26th and wasn't sure if I'd be back the next day or not, but it turned out that I was. I saw one Coltsfoot the first day, then 100s the next day.

Early stage of some moss.

The vernal pools in Ghost Road Bush have just melted but no Mallards have taken up residence yet. There's usually one or two pairs that use the pools.

A leaf that made it through winter with some colour.

Twice a year you get this view of both channels along the berm. If you enjoy seeing turtles, look for them in the right channel on the logs.

There were 10 of them on the logs today.

"What caught your eye, bud?"

Turkey Vultures are a common sight these days, though I don't usually see many over the marsh.

This family of five Eastern Painted were relegated to a grassy bank about 50 yards from the ones on the logs.

The next day I had more time and before I entered the marsh I went to check the GM Tower area. I saw about 10 Turkey Vultures circling over and around the GM HQ building.

Someone had told me that a pair of them was nesting on the GM building last year so I went over for a closer look.

Above the main entrance two of them were drying their wings, or airing them out at least. They weren't taking off. They were just enjoying the breeze.

They won't win any beauty contests at close range, but they're beautiful fliers, gliding on the wind, holding their wings in a V-shape. I love watching them soar in the thermals.

Day 1 I saw one lonely Coltsfoot in the marsh. Day 2 there were 100s.

I think they look sharp with their red stems. Their habit of holding back with their leaves until after they bloom makes the stems that much more obvious.

I walked down to the lake and was greeted with this red splash of Dogwood on the way.

It's interesting how the varying light changes the color of the lake. I haven't seen this shade of green in a long while.

No matter that there's just sand on the beach. Nature can deal with that and provide us with some green plants in the sand.

The "Diaper plant" -- Common Mullein. Pioneers used the soft leaves for diapers in a pinch. They lined their boots & shoes with it too... something they learned from the natives.

The turtles were out the second day too. This was part of the "log family" perched on the shore of the channel opposite me.

The two wet ones were on a log closer to me but they decided I was too close, so they slipped into the water and joined the others on the far shore.

Old & tattered, but still showing a bit of colour.

I keep trying to get more interesting shots of moss. I do like these ones.

My shot of Farewell Creek that I take through the seasons.

I saw one lonely Coltsfoot on day 1, then 100s on day 2. I saw my first Dandelion in the marsh on day 2 (again one lonely one)... then a few days and we're surrounded by them in the city and everywhere else.

I can never remember what tree it is that has these catkins & cones.I think it might be an Alder.

Green on green.

I've missed the trout run this year so far but saw this Rainbow (?) in Farewell Creek north of the marsh.

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