Saturday, 5 January 2013

2nd Marsh -- January 4th, 2013

I was getting cabin fever again so I went down to the marsh. I don't find as many things to shoot this time of year but there's always something, plus there's always the chance for one of those small surprises I sometimes come across. Today it was a small flock of Robins.

The Chickadees were out in strength today. Someone ahead of me had left sunflower seeds every 100 yards or so on the boardwalk through Ghost Road Bush but lots of Chickadees were still following me for handouts.

The angle I caught this one at is quite a different view. His brush-back hairdo looks a little odd.

The small flock of Robins (6 or 7) was in Ghost Road Bush feasting on some berries. Though most Robins have gone south by the end of November, small flocks sometimes stay with us for the winter, in a thicket or bushy area where they think they'll find enough food.

Seeing Robins in winter is a real treat. This is only the second time I've encountered any. The first time was a flock of about 25 that were in a tree at the college for 2 or 3 days... years ago. They were puffed out and perched in the tree, with a dusting of snow on them. I don't think they moved for those 2 or 3 days.

These shots aren't very good. I should've changed my settings. Nonetheless, they're Robins!

Overcast skies make a terrible background.

Most of the trees in Ghost Rd Bush are Ash but the odd Birch stands out from the crowd.

We haven't had much snow yet this winter. One good snowfall around Christmas has been it.

Farewell Creek from the foot bridge. One of my favourite winter shots was this scene a few years back. It was quite ordinary today.

Harmony & Farewell Creeks where they join just north of Colonel Sam Drive.

Harmony Creek

As I was leaving the marsh, hundreds of geese were returning to the lake from their time in the corn fields.

Not a lot to shoot today but the Robins made the day for me. And the frisky Chickadees that follow you on the boardwalk always add a sparkle to the day.

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