Wednesday, 23 March 2011

On the Path... March 13th, 2011

I try to walk "my path" every day. It's an abandoned railway spur line (the rails are gone) just outside our front door. Of course I don't make it every day, but even if I only make it on a fairly regular basis, it's fascinating to see the changes over time. Since I've been walking the same path for a few years now, I know where to look for certain things-- the Coltsfoot flowers & the Mourning Cloak butterflies (coming soon) and many others that follow at their appointed times.

Until the early ones return, I like to get shots of Spring emerging.

In this shot, the seed pods are from a Black Locust tree. I think the green leaves are the invasive Garlic Mustard that will explode in the months ahead.

As the seeds, etc. emerge from the ice and absorb the sun's rays they seem to end up in their own "nests".

These fungus are a little worse for wear from winter's grip. They were a rich, rusty brown in the fall when I first spotted them.

Black Knot fungus-- looks like black "you know what". Seem to be seeing more of it the last few years.

Lichens-- the small "cups" and flower-like "petals" are a miniature world of their own. I took way too many shots of it. Click on the image for an even closer look.



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